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Tarheel Guardsman

The Tarheel Guardsman magazine has captured over 30 years of North Carolina National Guard heritage and has become a publication near and dear to many Guardsmen of North Carolina. The Tarheel Guardsman magazine captures your history, your accomplishments, your memories, and it keeps you informed of the latest events. The Tarheel Guardsman Magazine is all about the great things you do! Be sure to check out our previous editions.

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Legislative Issues

The NCNGA Legislative Initiatives and Resolutions Committee is diligently working to improve member benefits for our Soldiers and Airmen both active and retired. We have been successful over the last couple of years with increases to the State Tuition Assistance Program and NCNG Pension annuity monthly payments as well as voting representation on the North Carolina Military Affairs Council in 2015. In 2016, we received an additional $1.45 million increase for the NCNG Pension Fund.

  1. NCNG Tuition Assistance Program Funding Increase: The North Carolina tuition assistance program (NCTAP) is one of our most effective recruiting and retention tools for Soldiers and Airmen allowing them the opportunity for self-improvement. We are currently unable to meet current NCTAP requests from qualified Soldiers and Airmen and are requesting a $500,000 recurring annual increase to cover the projected shortfall.

  2. NCNG Pension: Annuity Monthly Payments Increase
    20 years of service $115.50 monthly annuity ($10.50 increase)
    30 years of service $231.00 monthly annuity ($21.00 increase)
    These increases will assist in keeping the NCNG Pension Plan in line with inflation providing an increased retirement supplement for current and future NCNG retirees.

  3. Military State Income Tax Relief (SB 153): In calculating North Carolina taxable income, a taxpayer may deduct from the taxpayer’s adjusted gross income the amount received during the taxable year from the United State government as retirement pay for a retired member of the Armed Forces of the United State or as a survivorship benefits for survivors of active duty or retired members of the Armed Forces of the United States.